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Geolex, Incorporated® (Geolex) is an international environmental consulting firm providing litigation support, environmental liability assessment, merger and acquisition due diligence and strategic environmental services. Our expertise and commitment to practical, cost-effective solutions is combined with international experience and a proven track record with many clients throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America. We support clients through conducting detailed technical analyses and provide expert witness services in complex environmental tort or cost recovery litigation. Geolex also assists Fortune 500 clients in evaluating and reducing environmental liabilities associated with acquisitions or facility operations. As technical experts and project managers, we pride ourselves in providing practical solutions to environmental problems through comprehensive permitting, regulatory and litigation support. Over the past thirty-five years we have developed significant expertise in evaluating and quantifying environmental liabilities associated with industrial operations and the investigation and remediation of groundwater contamination, especially due to NAPL migration, chlorinated solvents, petroleum products, and heavy metals.

Over the last decade Geolex has developed specialized expertise in geologic sequestration of acid gas and CO2 (also known as Carbon Capture and Storage) as an environmentally-responsible and cost-effective alternative to the traditional methods of handling wastes and by-products of natural gas processing.