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Contaminant Fate and Transport


Geolex specializes in environmental hydrogeology and remediation. We provide detailed hydrogeologic analyses in support of many types of environmental and industrial projects. Geolex conducts extensive aquifer analysis in support of contaminant fate and transport studies for both private and Federal clients. The focus of many of our projects in the area of hydrogeology involves the appropriate design and implementation of groundwater monitoring programs and the investigation of overall aquifer reclamation or point-of-use treatment systems. We have extensive experience in conducting hydrogeological investigations for source identification to support CERCLA and RCRA compliance and the implementation of corrective actions and remedial actions. We have conducted hydrogeological and hydrological investigations throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe in all types of hydrogeological environments.

Geolex provides technical and management support services in the management and execution of remedial actions. These services include the assessment of client-specific potential environmental exposure and mechanisms to reduce environmental liability and costs. These types of projects are often performed in the context of responding to CERCLA actions, as well as RCRA corrective actions. In addition, Geolex’s scientists and engineers aid many types of clients in positioning themselves for cost-effective closures and/or remediation’s. We also provide strategic environmental management services as related to the redevelopment of brownfield sites and the ongoing management of remediation efforts. Mr. Gutiérrez and Geolex have also had significant regulatory experience and have in the past provided technical support services to industry and regulatory agencies for NEPA, RCRA and CERCLA projects. Geolex’s team of multi-disciplinary scientists and business specialists assist our clients in developing practical solutions to complex problems in the management of remedial actions and environmental liability control.