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Acid Gas Injection and Carbon Capture and Storage

Project Elements

AGI and CCS projects include the following components:

  1. Feasibility study
    • Identification of injection reservoir
    • No impact on producers, landowners & drinking water sources
    • Cost evaluation and value engineering
  2. Design and permitting of injection well
    • Validation of sequestration & reservoir potential
    • Well design (metallurgy, safety devices, injection radius)
    • Familiar with process and agencies in multiple states
  3. Drilling & completion of well
    • Filing and approval of required permit submissions
    • Complete geologic and engineering supervision
    • Preparation of final well reports
    • Setup of reporting and monitoring systems
  4. Ongoing support and registration of carbon credits
    • Annual mechanical integrity tests
    • Overseeing monitoring and maintenance
    • Development of project protocols
    • Work with various carbon exchanges
    • Consistent with EPA Class VI requirements