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Mergers and Acquisitions Support – Due Diligence


Geolex represents both buyers and sellers in corporate, natural resource and real estate transactions that involve the transfer of companies or assets that have potential environmental liability exposure. Multi-disciplinary teams of scientists with decades of field experience in the implementation of remedial systems and associated environmental liabilities work with Geolex’s financial analysts to evaluate the potential environmental liabilities associated with these transactions. Examples of transactions that we have supported include:

  • Sale of oil and gas production or processing or mineral assets
  • Corporate divestitures of subsidiaries or divisions
  • Asset and stock purchases of companies
  • Evaluation of environmental liabilities for fraudulent conveyances actions

These transactions often include transfer of potential environmental or legacy site liabilities. In these cases, Geolex follows industry standard environmental auditing and liability assessment techniques in order to identify, evaluate, and estimate costs associated with potential environmental liabilities at multiple sites or types of operations. This type of support is also often a component of litigation support associated with insurance coverage actions and bankruptcy actions. Geolex’s forensic, environmental, and financial experts routinely sift through hundreds of thousands of pages of documents to evaluate appropriate environmental liability reserves in corporate transactions, such as spin-offs, mergers, or liquidations.