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Environmental Litigation Support


Geolex and its President, Alberto A. Gutiérrez, provide environmental litigation support for a wide variety of environmental cases in state and federal court, as well as cases involving international sites. We have had extensive experience in insurance coverage actions for remediation of major CERCLA and state Superfund sites. In addition, Mr. Gutiérrez, supported by Geolex’s multi-disciplinary staff, has provided expert witness testimony in many types of environmental actions, including toxic torts and property damage actions that involve soil and groundwater contamination and contractor-operated (GOCO) facilities and related contract indemnification issues. Mr. Gutiérrez has also served as a binding dispute resolution officer in arbitration cases and environmental liability and response cost allocation. He has served as an expert in many Superfund cases, involving NCP compliance and cost recovery actions. As the principal in charge of litigation support projects, Mr. Gutiérrez is registered in 20 states and with the American Institute of Professional Geologists and has been qualified as an expert witness on environmental matters in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts throughout the United States, including cases involving both domestic and international facilities.