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James C. Hunter, R.G.

James C. Hunter provides services as a professional geologist, and is registered in the State of California. With over 27 years of experience in the fields of hydrogeology and environmental geology, Mr. Hunter enhances Geolex’s in-house capabilities for contaminant transport modeling, Geographical Information Systems analysis, aerial photographic interpretation, field investigation studies, and the design and implementation of environmental action plans, including health and safety and compliance audits. Mr. Hunter provides regulatory support, permitting and geological field services for oil and gas production facilities throughout the United States. He has developed fate and transport models for dissolved and DNAPL/LNAPL phases of petroleum and chlorinated solvents, including degradation and half-live analysis to determine the ages and sources of multiple releases. He has also directed site evaluations, formation analysis, well design, permitting and drilling supervision for acid gas injection wells, incorporating both hydrogen sulfide gas management and carbon dioxide sequestration.

James C. Hunter, R.G. Curriculum Vitae